Museum of the Sea
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Museum of the Sea

The Museum is located inside the Arsenale, which was built in 1621-30 to a design by the Palermitan architect Mariano Smiriglio. The building occupies a rectangular space.

On the ground floor there are six arches which continued into the rear atrium, which is no longer covered today. The arches, currently tompagnate, housed the hulls under construction which were then launched on slipways. The upper floor is distinguished from the ground floor by a string course frame which serves as a support for a gallery on which the armed guard used to mount and where six large windows open up like a classic aedicule.

The museum was inaugurated in 1997 by a group of enthusiasts who, united by their love for their land, created the first historical nucleus through the collection of naval objects, as well as with the model reproduction of typical boats belonging to the historic Sicilian canal .

Inside the museum you can admire two cannons from the Bourbon era, cast between 1781 and 1785. There are also pilot books, original books that contained the technical indications for safe landing in the various ports and scale reproductions of xebecs, boats of Arab origin, galleys and gunboats.

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