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It is possible to contribute to Heritage project reporting cultural assets (tangible and intangible) not present in the platform "Sicily (and Malta) on the Net" or reporting any errors in the information present, providing descriptive cards and / or images of any element that can be considered Sicilian and Maltese Cultural Heritage.

Contributions can be made in various ways:

  1. Through the Archive of the Cultural Heritage Heritage or one of the thematic or territorial archives extracted from it. 
    1. By writing a review in one of the existing tabs
    2. By sending a communication to the author of the form   
  2. By inserting a card into theReports Archive,  the editorial staff, after an evaluation of the contents, will be able to pass the card in the Heritage archive, or use the contents to update an existing card. The contributions included in the official Heritage Sicily archive will show the name of those who contributed to the creation / correction of the card.  
  3. By sending contributions to the following email:, we will insert, where accepted, the contributions in the most appropriate areas of the portal, indicating the author of the contribution
  4. Becoming a Partner of the Heritage Project (coming soon)

Note: The editorial staff reserves the right to accept your contributions or not, the inclusion of your post or profile in the Heritage Archive must be carried out under your responsibility also in relation to the legislation on copyright.


Useful Tips 

How the Heritage Archive works. 


Note to Authors

If you recognize a photo or document of your property among the photos or documents inserted and your name has not been indicated, report it to, you can request the correction of the author field, the elimination of the contribution from the database or from the post /page. Where possible, you can ask for control of the page containing the contribution entered so that you can make changes to the associated page yourself. 

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