The (Multi) Heritage Project
"From a lifetime, the project for life"

Objective: Contribute to the Cataloging, Valorisation, Promotion and Proper Management of Cultural Heritage  

The main project "Heritage" was born in the early nineties from an idea of ​​Ignazio Caloggero, over time it has been structured into various branches so that it is currently developing through the following thematic projects (for details and the progress of the individual projects see see the tabs at the bottom of the page):

H1) Heritage Archive Project 

Creation of the first "GeoSocial" Cultural Archive, multi-thematic and territorial, containing the assets of the Material and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Sicily and Malta

H2) Ancient paths and historical itineraries of Sicily

The project "Ancient Paths and Historical Itineraries of Sicily" has a dual objective:

  • Identify and catalog the ancient paths and historical itineraries of Sicily
  • Creation of the Charter of Hiking, Experiential and Ecomuseum Itineraries, associated with the Historical Routes (Multimedia Map of the "CMIE" Experiential Itineraries)

H3) UNESCO Heritage Project

The project aims to catalog and represent the sites with UNESCO recognition of the Mediterranean area through a multi-thematic and territorial “GeoSocial” Archive.

H4) Heritage Events Project

The project's main objective is to promote the Cultural Heritage through cultural initiatives.

H5) Dissemination of the Culture of Quality (TAEQI)

The TAEQI (Tourism, Arts and Entertainment Quality Improvement) Project aims to improve quality in the Tourism, Art and Entertainment sectors

H6) Itineraries 

The aim is to identify new itineraries and catalog existing ones or those proposed by local realities. The itineraries can belong to one or more characterizing categories: Experiential, Ecomuseal, Naturalistic, Enogastronomic, Cultural, Religious, etc.

H7) Experiential Tourism and Interpretation of Cultural Heritage 

Project objectives:

  • Promote and enhance the Experiential and Quality Culture and facilitate the transition of companies towards an experiential economy (Experiential Transition)
  • Apply innovative tools for the promotion, enhancement and protection of cultural heritage

H8) TAH-CF: “Tourism, Arts and Heritage Competence Framework”

The Project provides for the establishment of the TAH-CF “Tourism, Arts and Cultural Heritage Competence Framework: “Tourism, Arts and Heritage Competence Framework” . 


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