The (Multi) Heritage Project
"From a lifetime, the project for life"

Objective: Contribute to the Cataloging, Valorisation, Promotion and Proper Management of Cultural Heritage  

The main "Heritage" project was born in the early nineties, over time it has been structured into different branches for which at the moment it is developed through the following thematic sub-projects (for the details and the progress of the individual projects, see the articles at the bottom on page):

H1) Sicily Heritage Project 

The main objective of the Project is to contribute to the Cataloging, Enhancement and Promotion of the Sicilian Cultural Heritage in all its forms from the tangible one (historical-artistic cultural heritage, landscape and natural heritage) to the intangible one (tradition, folklore, art, food and wine , typical craftsmanship). Heritage Sicilia manifests itself through three closely related initiatives:

  • H1-1: Heritage Archive : "GeoSocial" Cultural Archive, multi-thematic and territorial, containing the assets of the Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Sicily and Malta
  • H1-2: Sicily on the Net: Online platform for the promotion and enhancement of the Cultural Heritage of Sicily and Malta (this site)
  • H1-3: Ancient Paths and New Itineraries:  Promote and enhance hiking, experiential and ecomuseum itineraries associated with the Ancient Paths

H2) TAS Project: Tourism, Art and Entertainment

The Project has 3 general objectives:

  • H2-1: Definition of new frameworks for tourism, artistic and entertainment skills
  • H2-2: Dissemination of new Models for Measuring the Competitiveness of Tourist, Artistic and Entertainment Offers
  • H2-3: Diffusion of the Culture of Quality 

H3) UNESCO Heritage Project

The project aims to catalog and represent the sites with UNESCO recognition of the Mediterranean area through a multi-thematic and territorial “GeoSocial” Archive.

H4) Heritage Events Project

The project's main objective is to promote the Cultural Heritage through cultural initiatives.

H5) Heritage Publishing Project

The Heritage Publishing Project has as its main objective that of contributing to making known, through individual editorial products, the results of some aspects of the entire project itself.

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