Disclaimer of liability 

Before publishing any information on its site, Centro Studi Helios makes reasonable efforts to carefully review the content and update it. Furthermore, some areas of the portal are of the Social type, in which the contents are automatically extrapolated with the Social Networks or users can autonomously insert contributions under their own responsibility. However, Centro Studi Helios does not guarantee that the information provided on its website is always up-to-date, current, accurate or complete, nor that such information is free from copyright or intellectual property rights of third parties. Any liability of Centro Studi Helios for any damage caused by the use or non-use of the information provided on this website or the use of inaccurate or incomplete information provided here is excluded, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence.

This site contains cards, articles, photos and documents that are the property of the authors. It also shows images and videos from the Internet. 

Note to authors:

If you recognize among the photos or documents inserted a photo or document of your property and your name has not been indicated, report it to redazione@centrostudihelios.it, you can request the correction of the author field, the elimination of the contribution from the database or, where possible, checking the page of the contribution entered so that you can make changes to the associated page yourself. 

The archives are open to everyone's contribution. Here are some useful tips:

If possible, insert photos and documents of your own or for which you have the authorization, it is also possible to insert photos and documents from the Internet with unknown author in this case it would be advisable to enter the following information: Source: Web, if instead the photo or document is yours , enter: Author: your name. where relevant or possible Also indicate the location to which the photo or document refers, and possibly also the exact address (if known).

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