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The Places of Giovanni Verga's literary tale

The Places of Giovanni Verga's literary tale are included in the “Regional Map of Places of Identity and Memory” (LIM) established by the Sicily Region with DA n. 8410 of 03/12/2009

The reference sector is that relating to "places of the literary, cinematographic and filmic story ".

The places included in the IWB: 

• (Mastro don Gesualdo) Church of S. Agata, Palazzo Ventimiglia-Trao, Palazzo Sganci, Palazzo Rubiera, Palazzo La Gurna, Mastro Don Gesualdo's house in via Santa Maria dei Greci (Vizziniprov. Catania)
• (Cavalleria Rusticana) Borgo della Cunziria, Osteria "Gnà Nunzia", ​​Casa di Alfio and Lola, Casa di Santuzza, Carretteria di Alfio, Piazza S.Teresa (Vizzini-prov. Catania)
• (I Malavoglia) Casa del Nespolo (Acitrezza-province of Catania)
• (Story of a blackcap) Monte Ilice (province of Catania)
• (Rosso Malpelo) Rione Monserrato (Catania)
• (The stories of the castle of Trezza) Norman Castle (Acicastello-prov. Catania)
• (Novella "Freedom") Bronte (province of Catania)

Giovanni Carmelo Verga (Catania, 2 September 1840 - Catania, 27 January 1922) was an Italian writer, playwright and senator, considered the greatest exponent of the literary current of Verismo.


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