Cave of S. Ilarione
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Cave of S. Ilarione


About one kilometer north of the Church of S. Maria della Cava, at the top of the left ridge, is the cave where S. Ilarione lived from 363 to 365 AD, who, as S. Girolamo says, "landed at Capo Pachino, he withdrew to more internal places 20 miles from the sea ". The tradition is confirmed by Vito Amico Statella (1757) who says: "They point towards these parts a decorated cave, as an ancient testimony of the home of S. Ilarione, in which you go up by steps" (the so-called "scalauruni", dug into the rock and still existing). Next to it there are two other caves where his disciples, Gazano and Hesychius, lived. (On the initiative of the writer, a commemorative plaque was placed above the entrance).


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