Complex of the domes of Filo dell'Arpa in Alicudi
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Complex of the domes of Filo dell'Arpa in Alicudi

Locality: Filo dell'Arpa (Alicudi)

Technical sheet of the Sicily Region 


logo NAT-5LP-0004
province Messina
common LIPARI
resort Filo dell'Arpa (Alicudi)
isola alicudi
shape of the geosite Areal
establishment decree DA 283 of 29 August 2017 GURS n. 43 of 13 October 2017
legend Established Geosite-Reserve created for geological reasons
park name  
reserve name Alicudi Island
geosite elements Similar elements
geosite name Complex of the domes of Filo dell'Arpa in Alicudi
scientific interest Volcanology
degree of interest Regional
inventory category Established

Source of technical data sheets: Sicily Region:


Card insertion: Ignazio Caloggero

Photo: web

Information contributions: Sicily Region

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