Calathamet Castle - Calatafimi
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Calathamet Castle - Calatafimi


Calathamet in the eleventh century is a fortified place, mentioned by Edrisi as a strong "fortress", and then by Ibn Gubayr as a "large town" and still literary sources speak of it as a "castrum" with church (Santa Maria di Calathamet), a market, and Arab population of contadini, with baths and mills at the foot of the site. Vito Amico in the Topographical Dictionary of Sicilian Municipalities (Palermo 1855) defines it: “Casale Saracino oppressed by ruins, under Calatafimi, where the thermal waters of Segesta are.

A single-nave chapel leans against the palace and is built on a cistern. Scholars favor a XNUMXth-century construction of both the palace and the Calathamet chapel, subsequent destruction at the time of the Frederick wars, and a XNUMXth-century military reoccupation.

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