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473 Via Cristoforo Colombo

Songs in honor of the Most Holy Mary


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Technical sheet prepared by: Region of Sicily - Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity - CRicd: Regional Center for the inventory, cataloging and documentation and Sicilian regional film library 

Intangible Heritage Register

N. Prog. 139
Well: Canzoncine in honor of the Most Holy Mary
Book: REI - Book of expressions
Approval date: 17-11-2010
Category: Expression
Province: Ragusa
Municipality: Scicli
Local denomination
 Recurrence: Annual
Date: December
Occasion: Celebrations in honor of Mary Immaculate
Function: Celebratory
Actors: Music band and local people
Participants: Local community
The people of Scicli repeat every year the miracle of the Canzoncine, an unusual sung procession that fills the streets of the town declared a World Heritage Site. Hundreds of people participate in the procession through the city streets, accompanied by the musical band. In the Canzoncine there is no statue, there is no image of the Madonna di San Bartolomeo, but her imagination and omen. At the limit between the sacred and the profane and always very popular in Scicli, the "Canzoncine" transform a usual religious procession into a rite of devotion and fun. It is celebrated with two processions and there are two Canzoncine dedicated to the Immaculate Conception: the one linked to the church of Santa Maria La Nova, which is usually held on 7 December, and those linked to the church of San Bartolomeo which takes place the following Saturday on 8 December . Around 19 pm people spontaneously gather in front of the Church: the town band is present, someone distributes the lyrics of the song to sing and others bring wine or grappa to warm up. The procession crosses the streets of the town center and stops in front of the churches and votive shrines it meets. People sing, sometimes screams, a prayer to the Virgin Mary, "more vague than the dawn, more white than a lily". For about two hours the same formula is repeated, the procession parades through the streets and interrupts the journey to sing.
Little song of San Bartolomeo
O Concetta Immacolata
you were elected by the Great Father
of His Son worthy Mother
among the beloved the most beloved. (repeats)
Filled with every thanks
I see You High Queen
Woman you are all divine
all pure and unblemished.
O Concetta Immacolata!
O Concetta Immacolata!
Without stain of sin
of original sin
current and venial
you were always preserved.
So do not stop the clamor
whose advocate are you
O Concetta Immacolata!
O Concetta Immacolata!
O Concetta Immacolata!
O Concetta Immacolata!
Little song of Santa Maria la Nova
Vergin del ciel Regina
Immaculate and beautiful
that you called yourself handmaid
and you're Lady (repeats itself)
Vague than the dawn
and more than the chosen sun
you were already Concetta
from the first moment
You of the broken guilt
you have chains and outrage
did not do to your beautiful ray
hidden pitfall
Daughter, mother and bride
more white than a lily
the Father, the Son chose you
and Holy Love
Card Author: Laura Mattaliano


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