Piano Margi state-owned equipped area
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Piano Margi state-owned equipped area

Continuing on the road that brought us to the equipped area of ​​Tre Pizzi, after about 4 Km. We arrive at this area, located at an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level in a panoramic and flat area. Access to the area is possible both from a main forest gate and from a small gate with access only on foot. Cars can be parked outside the aforementioned gate. Walk a few tens of meters and under Mediterranean pines mixed with chestnut stumps you will find the accommodation facilities of the area that will allow hikers and hikers a respectable recreation. In a radius of about three hectares, many wooden benches and tables have been placed, several fire points available for those who want to prepare an oven to eat on the spot and several fountains with fresh and very clear spring water. A forest house is the only wall structure in the area that is usually used as a warehouse and as a shelter for forestry personnel. In the appurtenances of the equipped area, a hilly lake was also created, used both as a water supply point for ground vehicles in fire-fighting service, and as a refueling point for helicopters during the fire-fighting service. The aforementioned forest house can be given in concession to scout groups who, in large numbers in the summer, frequent the area.

Interesting is the presence in the area, less than 200 meters from the toponymic point called “Castello di Margi”, a very characteristic outcropping rock which perhaps represents a mythological site for the many stories that have intertwined on this natural structure. In the equipped area, some swings, balance beams and the like have also been created, for a more cheerful recreation for children.

Common: castroreale
Wooded Complex: BM Longano
Vegetation type:

Toilets: 0
Toilets for the disabled: 0
Cooking points: 10
Tables: 25
Seats: 200
Drinking water points: 1
Non-drinking water points: 0

Height 800 m. 

Managing Body

Department of Regional State Forestry Company

Provincial Office of the Messina Company

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Note on Sources

The information on the equipped state-owned areas has as its main source the website of the Regional Forestry Department of Sicily (continuously updated) to which is added a very interesting brochure entitled "The State Equipped Areas in Sicily" of the same department published in 1999 with the Editorial Coordination of the 8th Group - Promotion, Development and Research, editors Agostino Gatto and Valeria Restuccia. Further information was obtained from direct access to the areas and from interviews with experts and operators in the sector.

For official information and updates to the lists, see the pages of the site of the Sicily region - Department of the Regional State Forestry Company


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