Casaboli state-owned equipped area
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Casaboli state-owned equipped area

A few kilometers from Palermo, after the first houses in the inhabited center of Pioppo, on the SS 186, on the right a blue arrow indicates the locality of Casaboli. Going uphill along the road you pass the houses and in front of us is almost a green wall made up of trees of various sizes, many of which clinging to the gray dolomic rock, and gradually higher up almost a sea of ​​green made up of dense trees. and rounded foliage of Mediterranean pines.
The road we are traveling on is a provincial road in a bad state of repair, very rough, bordered on the right by the slope of the wood and on the left by a small valley which in some points, more flat, has been recovered as agricultural land. After the first bend, we are already in the forest state property, you soon come to a crossroads with the indications for Valle Sasizza, Valle Strigliaporci, Cresta and Valle Corta,
all toponymised localities that have already been the subject of protective forestation actions, but our itinerary will have to continue on the very wide left-hand road that is said to be a "direction trazzera". About two kilometers in front of us there is a large open space also enabled for the parking of vehicles, and also used for the landing of helicopters.
We arrived in Casaboli, in the heart of the wooded complex and it is here that the equipped area that bears his name is located. Large pine trees, both domestic and Aleppo, are the undisputed lords of the area under whose foliage there are benches, wooden tables, cooking points, toilets and drinking fountains which are the equipment of the equipped area. The landscape is beautiful and fascinating, we are close to Mount Gibilmesi (1150 masl) and the other lower peaks of the Conca d'Oro area.
The equipped area extends for about one hectare and is annexed to the wildlife area where wild boars, fallow deer and Tibetan goats can be seen in a special enclosure. Interesting in the area is the presence of holm oaks in the undergrowth, evidence of a natural transformation of the tall forest towards the coppice of oaks.
During the possible walks, along the various paths, you can admire the floristic beauties of the area consisting of the dwarf euphorbia bushes (rizziteddu), heather multiflora, brooms and other plants of the Mediterranean scrub. In spring and autumn the blooms of the colchicum, the asphodel and the muscari in white and purple colors are very unique.
Among the wildlife species of the area we can remember the wild rabbit, the fox, the magpies, the jays, the wood pigeons and many passerines, both sedentary and migratory. In the stony ground it is not difficult to see some Sicilian rock partridge. Despite the discomfort of the access road, the area is very popular with day-trippers and schoolchildren who see in this green area not far from the Sicilian capital a real green lung where you can recreate the polluted area that we breathe every day.
Wooded complex "Casaboli- Pippo" - municipality of Monreale
<!– 20000
-> Presence of architectural barriers
7 toilet
Possibility of picnics thanks to: 20 cooking points, 20 tables, for a total of 230 seats
3 points of non-drinking water

Height: 700 m. 

Managing Body

Department of Regional State Forestry Company

Provincial Office of the Palermo Company

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Note on Sources

The information on the equipped state-owned areas has as its main source the website of the Regional Forestry Department of Sicily (continuously updated) to which is added a very interesting brochure entitled "The State Equipped Areas in Sicily" of the same department published in 1999 with the Editorial Coordination of the 8th Group - Promotion, Development and Research, editors Agostino Gatto and Valeria Restuccia. Further information was obtained from direct access to the areas and from interviews with experts and operators in the sector.

For official information and updates to the lists, see the pages of the site of the Sicily region - Department of the Regional State Forestry Company

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