I Products Agroceries TItalian radicals (PAT) are the products included in a special list, prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and Tourism with the collaboration of the Regions.

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By "traditional products" we mean those productions and agri-food goods of a typical character, with traditional characteristics, whose procedures in the processing, conservation and maturing methods, have been consolidated over time. The requirement to be recognized as Traditional Agri-food Products (PAT) is to be « obtained with processing, conservation and aging methods consolidated over time, homogeneous for the whole territory concerned, according to traditional rules, for a period of not less than twenty-five years »



Sicilian cassata

The Sicilian products included in the list are 264 (as of 2021). Pursuant to MIPAF circular n.10 of 21.12.99, products already registered as PDO or PGI cannot be included in the lists, while those that will receive recognition after such insertion must be removed from them.

Traditional agri-food products are also divided into the following categories:

  • Soft drinks, spirits and liqueurs
  • Fresh meat (and offal) and their preparations
  • Dressings
  • Cheeses
  • Fats (butter, margarine, oils)
  • Fresh pasta and bakery, pastry, biscuit and confectionery products
  • Compound dishes
  • Preparations of fish, molluscs and crustaceans and particular breeding techniques of the same
  • Gastronomy products
  • Products of animal origin (honey, various types of dairy products except butter)

Vegetable products in their natural state or processed

Discover the Sicilian products included in the List in our visual and geo-localized database

Traditional Agri-food Products Database (PAT)

Download National List:Twenty-first revision of 2021



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