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Before starting it is necessary to identify some terms that will be used; it is important to start from the same formal meaning of quality, in our case the meaning of quality in a political party.

A few thousand years ago Socrates said:

The origin of wisdom is the definition of terms

and the following sentence is attributed to Aristotle:

How many disputes could be reduced to a single paragraph if the contenders dared to define the terms of the problem.

Therefore, if you want to talk about quality, you must avoid giving an abstract meaning to the term, on more than one occasion I have pointed out (and I will continue to do so) that the terms "quality" and "cultural heritage" have recently undergone the same treatment, which are widely used in the slogans and in the fashion-conscious speeches, often abused but little known, the meaning assigned to them is the same that Benedetto Croce gave to the concept of art:

"Art is what everyone knows what it is"

Here, in the absence of a formal definition, these concepts are identified in everything that our society recognizes as such.

A definition of quality could be the following:

Ability of a set of characteristics inherent to an entity to confirm the expectations referable to it by all interested parties

 There is a need to identify for each sector the basic elements to which the concept of quality must be applied:

  • the entity to which the quality is to be applied.Specific product, system, service, activity, organization or any combination of the above (in our case we could also speak of accommodation facilities, territory, cultural property, monument, etc .;)
  • interested parties (those who express expectations or needs) according to the entity.That depending on the case can be called customer, user, tourist, user of the cultural good or service, citizen or even society itself;

Once the quality has been defined, we must be able to measure it and therefore to compare it, otherwise it will not be possible to evaluate the results obtained. To do this, it is necessary to have an appropriate quality detection system and therefore specific factors that will have to take into account the particular operational reality to which this quality is to be applied.

The concept of quality is the same for any sector, what changes is its measurement through the factors and related indicators that must be identified on a case-by-case basis.

In our case, the entity to which quality must be applied is the party (or political movement) and consequently also all the subjects and organizational structures that somehow represent it; in the following, speaking of a party, we can refer both to the party understood as such, and to its decentralized structure as it could be a party organism at the city level since, being endowed with a certain degree of autonomy, the individual factors and the relative indicators can be measured locally.

It is then necessary to identify the interested parties (those who express expectations or needs), in other words the user; in a party these are not only those who join but whoever voted for the party. But a party that governs a city, a province, an entire nation, cannot think of such a narrow range of users, it must know that its user is the entire community and therefore must also respect the needs of those who voted for a other party or those who did not vote at all; finally, if we think that today's actions have consequences for tomorrow, we understand that tomorrow's society is also part of the users of a party. In the document, the term "Party" will be used, obviously these concepts are also applicable to what are called "political movements".

Quality of a Party:

The set of properties and characteristics of a Party that give it the ability to confirm the expectations referable to it by its members and by present and future society.

Quality therefore means the ability to satisfy the needs of others and this is possible through respect for others.

Quality also means the ability to achieve the established objectives (effectiveness), but in doing this we must not forget to do it in the best possible way; in fact, when the material and financial human resources available are scarce, it is vital to optimize what is available (efficiency).

Therefore, in the final analysis, quality means the ability to satisfy the needs of others by optimizing one's resources.

Before starting with the aspects of quality related to the structure of a party, it could be useful, for those who want to deepen the very concept of quality, to deepen the topic associated with the concept of Quality Factors and Indicators in Tourism and Cultural Heritage Management. :

 Factors and indicators of quality in tourism and in the management of cultural heritage 

Indeed, as we will see, many of the factors and quality indicators discussed in the article indicated are perfectly applicable to the policy sector as well.



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