The factors

The quality factors are the main tool for the perception of quality by the user (in our case the subscribers and citizens). The set of factors must be identified according to the needs (even if not expressed) of the users to whom the party is addressed. The quality indicators are instead quantitative variables (and therefore measurable) that allow to measure in some way a certain quality factor as they are considered “indicative” of the quality factor, they are therefore objective indicators. 

Some indicators can allow the measurement of several quality factors, for example a public relations manager is an indicator relating to the "image" factor, as it helps to improve the image of the party, but it should also be considered an indicator of the "image" factor. accessibility ”as it facilitates contacts to and from the outside world.

Another indicator that strengthens several factors is that relating to the number of public events (party celebrations, conferences, active citizens, etc.), in fact, it serves the "information" factor but also other factors such as "involvement capacity", " responsiveness ”,“ accessibility ”and so on.

Let's see a list of factors and then, for each one, an in-depth analysis with the indication of some measurable indicators (note: in this phase of reviewing the factors presented in the first draft of the document, the aforementioned list may undergo changes)

  1. Internal democracy
  2. Transparency
  3. Accessibilità
  4. Representativeness
  5. Reliability
  6. Listening skills
  7. Responsiveness (effectiveness and efficiency)
  8. Communication (Information)
  9. Image
  10. regulatory
  11. Transversality
  12. Continuity
  13. Engagement skills 
  14. Compatibility
  15. Consistency
  16. Expertise
  17. Motivation
  18. Guardianship
  19. Equity
  20. Organizational Management




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