Greek-Roman archaeological park of Catania

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Il Greek-Roman archaeological park of Catania (full name Greek-Roman archaeological park of Catania and the archaeological areas of the neighboring municipalities) was established by the Sicilian Region with DDG n. 1513 of 12.07.2010 and includes archaeological and museum areas located for the most part in the city of Catania.

All the archaeological finds and all the archaeological areas of the city of Catania and the neighboring municipalities have been entrusted to the Park. It deals with several thousand finds and about a hundred archaeological sites and monuments. 

  1. Among the purposes of the Park there are:
    1. to. Archaeological research (excavations and studies on materials and sites).
      b. Scientific popularization (editions of excavations and repertoires).
      c. The organization of exhibitions and conferences.
      d. Educational activities (including the “School Museum”, “Comenius” and university masters projects).
      And. The use of archaeological finds and areas, through the opening to the public of exhibition sections and archaeological areas (two exhibition sections already open, the Roman theater, the odeion, the amphitheater, the thermal baths of the rotunda; the thermal baths will soon open address; the other areas can be visited upon reservation).
      f. The regulation on individual, instrumental and precarious uses, and on the reproductions of point 2 (e.g. carrying out events of all kinds, photographic, television and film shooting, research or dissemination activities, requested by private individuals or entities, also in agreement with the Park or the Region).
      g. The Park has a business center, two museum exhibitions (Casa Pandolfo antiques and Casa Liberti), an exhibition complex (Casa dell'Androne), a projection room (Casa Liberti), a conference room (Sala dell'Esedra) and some warehouses.

Perimeter decree: catania park decree_GURS FROM 148-2014

Among the monuments that are part of the park we should therefore have all the archaeological monuments of the city of Catania and the neighboring municipalities (it has not yet been possible to view a detailed official list of all the sites). Below is a list of the archaeological sites that should be included in the management of the Park:

  • Amphitheater
  • Greek Roman Theater and Odeon
  • Rotonda baths
  • Achellian Baths 
  • Baths of the Address
  • Roman Forum of Catania
  • Monte Po
  • Crypt of S. Agata La Vetere
  • Greek necropolis
  • Hellenistic necropolis in via Androne
  • Roman baths and acropolis
  • Burial ground from the Imperial Roman and Late Ancient ages, remains of an environment with Byzantine paintings (via San Giuliano)
  • Building with Roman mosaic floor (via Mancini)
  • Necropolis of via Vittoria Emanuele
  • Necropolis in Santa Maria di Gesù
  • Necropolis in the Orto del Re district
  • Necropolis of Via Dottor Consoli
  • Rectangular hypogeum of Via G. Sanfilippo
  • Thermal building (via Bonaiuto)
  • Thermal buildings (S.Barbara square)
  • Finds on the "Leucatia" hill
  • Arch of Marcellus (via Vittorio Emanuele)
  • Roman living environment (via Vittorio Emanuele)
  • Remains of the Greek prehistoric age and buildings of the Roman and medieval age (via Crociferi)
  • Petralia cave (Catania)
  • "Mausoleum of Stesicoro"
  • Baths of S. Antonino
  • Square hypogeum
  • Circular Mausoleum of Villa Modica (Modica Hypogeum)
  • Thermal buildings (Piazza S. Maria dell'Idria)
  • Thermal buildings (via Mascali)
  • Thermal buildings (via Biblioteca)
  • Roman baths (via Verginelle)
  • Late Roman necropolis (via Etnea)
  • Crypt of S. Euplio (Hypogeum))


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