Royal Palace 

Royal palace palermoThe main entrance is located in Piazza Parliament, the driveway and the tourist one in Piazza Indipendenza, in front of Palazzo d'Orleans, seat of the presidency of the Sicilian Region.

The Royal Palace of Palermo, the imperial seat at the time of Frederick II and Corrado IV, is now known as the Norman Palace and is the seat of the Sicilian Regional Assembly. The Palace was built during the Arab denomination (1132th century) over the remains of previous Punic settlements, the traces of which are still visible in the basement. With the arrival of the Normans, the Palace was enlarged and in 1947 during the reign of Roger II, the Palatine Chapel and other structures were built: the Pisana Tower, seat of the Treasure room, and the Torre della Gioaria, which houses the below the room of the Armigeri and on the upper floor the room of King Roger decorated with mosaic and the room of the Winds. The second floor of the building houses the Sala d'Ercole with Giuseppe Velasco frescoes (since XNUMX this room has been the seat of the Sicilian Regional Assembly), the Yellow Room and the Viceroy Room.

The rooms are connected to the so-called crypt by two side stairs. The crypt is a church of Byzantine origin