Sustainable Tourism Manager

Who is it

The Manager  of Sustainable Tourism is a professional figure, with a high intellectual content, who possesses specific skills to carry out activities of:

  • Ideation,
  • Design,
  • Communication,
  • Realization,
  • Improvement,
  • Promotion,
  • Enhancement,
  • Innovation

inherent to sustainable tourism offers

The Manager of Sustainable Tourism can be an employee or self-employed worker who provides his services as an Expert / Consultant for other interested parties or directly offering his own tourism services.

Standard and reference scheme

  • European Qualification Framework (EQF)
  • Recommendation 2009 / C 155/02 (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training - ECVET)
  • Law 4/2013 relating to non-regulated professions

For the reference outline of the professional profile, please refer to the form defined by AIPTOC where the knowledge, skills and competences (autonomy and responsibility) are indicated in detail

Certifications issued

  • Sustainable Tourism Manager

For the detailed program, costs and purchase methods, please refer to the website of the Training Center Centro Studi Helios

TAS8 Manager of Sustainable Tourism (600 hours)

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