Myths of Ancient Sicily (2022)

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This volume completes the journey begun with “Cults of Ancient Sicily” which I invite you to read for a better overview.
Il first chapter refers to the heroes, remembering however that the distinction between heroes and divinities is to be considered symbolic. In reality, it is not easy to distinguish heroes from gods, as the boundary separating the actions of the hero from those of the god is not always clear. Hercules, at least in life, was considered a hero, but after his death he assumes the characteristics of a god. In fact, temples are erected to him and the cult of him is, therefore, similar to that of other divinities. Aristeo is a deity for Greek mythology, but in Sicily his actions are considered heroic. For Erice or the Pii Brothers, however, it is easier to speak only of heroes since there is no cult that has characteristics similar to those of other divinities.
The second one chapter it refers to the different mythological figures, often related to the same heroes treated in the first chapter and the cults treated in the first volume.
Il third chapter finally it concerns the legendary peoples linked to Homeric mythology: Lotofagi, Ciclopi, Feaci and Lestrigoni.
Finally, we must not forget the syncretic aspect that sees the transfer of myths into events linked to current folkloristic and religious manifestations.
Finally, where the Region of Sicily has entered the Myth of Aeneas in the LIM register (Places of identity and memory), the individual cards show the places concerned.

The book is an updated and revised edition of a previous work whose writing dates back to the early 90s even if the actual publication with the title: "Cults, Myths and Legends of Ancient Sicily" took place in 2017. From the first work of the 90s, revised and expanded, 2 volumes were created, the first concentrated solely on the ancient religions of Ancient Sicily and the second, this volume, which tells the so-called heroes and other mythical figures of the past.  

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