Data Maps Heritage Malta (DMHM)

Data Maps Heritage Malta (DMHM) is a set of 3.0 thematic Databases of Maltese Cultural Heritage, which can be integrated with each other to form a single 3.0 database. Many innovative features: search for content by name or via free text, georeferencing of content, identification of routes to reach the selected places, detailed cards with images and compatibility with the screens of mobile devices. The information extracted from Data Maps Heritage is used to create thematic and territorial maps useful for scholars, tourists or anyone who wants to know the Maltese Cultural Heritage. Here are some such maps:

Monuments in evidence
A selection of the main monuments of tourist interest

Cultural Heritage Database
All Maltese Cultural Heritage

National Inventory Register database
National Inventory of Cultural Heritage of the Maltese Islands (NICPMI)

Recipes and typical products 3.0
Enogastronomic Heritage of the Territory

Commercial Tourist Map
Cultural heritage and structures of the tourism sector

Malta on the Net

Media Gallery
Discover Malta in pictures


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Data Maps Heritage Malta

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