H7: Experiential Tourism and Interpretation of Cultural Heritage 


  • Promote and enhance the Experiential and Quality Culture and facilitate the transition of companies towards an experiential economy (Experiential Transition)
  • Apply innovative tools for the promotion, enhancement and protection of cultural heritage 

To achieve these objectives, the following sub-projects have been activated:

  • “Towards an Economy of Experiences”: aimed at tourism and cultural enterprises
  • "Interpretation of Cultural Heritage (Heritage Interpretation)": aimed at Interpreters of Cultural Heritage

The two sub-projects include the following common initiatives:

  • Dissemination of Knowledge: For this purpose, two web areas have been created with articles, fact sheets, training courses and guidelines that can be used free of charge for all interested parties.  
  • Networking of the Training Paths provided by the Training Centres: The institutions and centers concerned can indicate their own training courses for their networking
  • Recognition of Skills: Certification pursuant to the law of the skills of the professional figures concerned (Certificate of Quality and Qualification pursuant to law 4/2013 which allows, among other things, to obtain professional assignments in the Public Administration (DPCM 14/10/2021)

A further initiative has also been activated for the Tourist and Cultural Business Area: Experiential Quality Mark

The project is described in detail in the dedicated web area of ​​the AITPOC website: Italian Association of Tourism Professionals and Cultural Operators: Project "Experiential Tourism and Interpretation of Cultural Heritage" 

The project is new, the first itineraries should be published in 2023

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