H3: UNESCO Heritage

The UNESCO Heritage Project is one of six sub-projects resulting from the larger "Heritage Project" its main objective is to catalog and represent, through a multi-thematic and territorial “GeoSocial” Archive, the sites with UNESCO recognition of the Mediterranean area. The project also aims to make the UNESCO world known to young students and scholars of Cultural Heritage through thematic didactic cards. 

A specific "Unesco Heritage" web portal has been created containing, in addition to the Unesco Archive of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, various thematic areas of study: World Heritage Site (WHL), Intangible Heritage, Biospheres, Geoparks, UNESCO Media Gallery , Didactic cards).   

Declared objectives: loading of the cards of the Italian sites with UNESCO recognition by 2021, of the sites of the Mediterranean area by 2022-

The project is hosted on the website www.patrimoniounesco.it 

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