H5: Diffusion of the Culture of Quality 

H2-3: Diffusion of the Culture of Quality

Diffusion of the Culture of Quality

Quality in Tourism, Arts and Entertainment - Tourism, Arts and Entertainment Quality Improvement (TAEQI) 

The TAEQI Project (Tourism, Arts and Entertainment Quality Improvement) aims at improving the quality in the Tourism, Artistic and Entertainment sectors, it is the evolution of a previous project (Tourism Quality Improvement (TQI) whose principles were initially exposed in the book "Quality, Operational Models and Competitiveness of the Tourist Offer (Ed. 2020)" (Author: Ignazio Caloggero ISBN: 9788832060065).

All Stakeholders in the tourism, arts and entertainment sector (Institutions, Universities, Museums, Local Bodies, Cultural and Category Associations, Promotion and Development Organizations, Professionals, Artists and Scholars) are invited to join the TAEQI project.

The methodology proposed for the identification of quality factors, indicators and standards is a reworking of the principles set out in the Quality Management sector, in particular by the proposals of Zeithamal, Parassuraman and Berry (1991) integrated with the factors recommended by the CiVIT guidelines. (88/2010 and 3/2012) (where the quality factors are called "dimensions of quality"), from a reworking of the general reference scheme of the public health services charter (DPCM 19 May 1995), from the management model of Quality called "delle 4Q" and from Integrated Model of the Competitiveness of the Tourist Offer (MICOT) in turn, a re-elaboration of previous theoretical models of the tourism sector proposed in the past (Campbell, 1967; Thurot, 1973; Plog, 1974; Miossec, 1977; Buttler, 1980) and of some models of competitiveness of tourist destinations (Ritchie and Crouch 1993- 2003; Dwyer and Kim, 2003), of the Tourism and Travel Competitiveness Index (TTCI).

There are many sectors and structures to which this technique can be used. By way of example, here is a first list of sectors and structures the project is aimed at:

  • Events and activities of tourist, artistic and entertainment interest (exhibitions, shows, concerts, use of cultural heritage)
  • Tourist offers of any nature (Experiential, Cultural, Enogastronomic, Sustainable, Naturalistic, Excursions, Environmental Education Paths, Seaside, etc.)
  • Tourist destinations (intended as territories or places of tourist interest)
  • Training in the tourism-cultural field
  • Hotel Services
  • Catering services
  • Governance systems and operational structures
  • Adventure Tourism: Hiking Services

For further information and the vision of the state of the art of the project, please refer to the dedicated page on the institutional website of AIPTOC - Italian Association of Tourism Professionals and Cultural Operators

Quality in Tourism, Art and Entertainment (TAEQI)

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