Operation of the "Heritage" Cultural Archive 

The "Heritage" Archive was born in 1995 (First Generation), in its current version (Fifth Generation), it is a "GeoSocial", multi-thematic and territorial Cultural Archive, containing the assets of the Material Cultural Heritage  (historical-artistic cultural heritage, landscape and natural heritage) and immaterial (tradition, folklore, art, food and wine, typical crafts)  of Sicily and Malta. In the following sheets the characteristics and operating modes. (The cards are being drafted)

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The Archive has the following characteristics:

  • georeferenced: the assets are visible on an interactive map and for each asset the path (for material assets) to reach it from any position chosen by the user is identified
  • Social: faccessible by the entire community with contents manageable by individual authors independently, possibility to insert reviews. voting, comments and sharing on various social networks
  • Multi thematic: is It is possible to set up single thematic instances of the archive to create thematic archives (archaeological, naturalistic, baroque, museums, castles, intangible heritage, etc.)
  • Territorial: is It is possible to establish individual territorial instances of the archive to create archives of a territorial nature (municipalities, provinces, specific territorial areas)
  • Advanced Search: by keywords, phrases (full text), places, locations or geographical areas chosen by the user, physical location of the user, categories and subcategories
  • Multi-language: thanks to the innovative neural automatic translation system, the archive is translated into the main languages

In the drafting phase

In the drafting phase

In the drafting phase

The Heritage Archive is part of a larger project (Heritage project) which sees the cataloging and geolocation of the Sicilian and Maltese Cultural Heritage (tangible and intangible), at the moment more than 5.000 cultural assets have been cataloged and the migration from the previous ones to the new archive is underway which should end by 2020.

The aim is to provide a service to promote the area, accessible free of charge to all and to contribute to the economic and tourist development of our island.

We believe the Project has a value:

  • Cultural: as it allows students and anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of the Sicilian Cultural Heritage, to do so thanks to thousands of files in the archive;
  • Tourist: Through a system of filters in the areas of the portal linked to the main tourist locations and cities, the Tourist Map and the related cards of the most significant monuments from a tourist point of view are displayed

Note on the generations of the Heritage Archive

  • First Generation (1995): “Access” database offline only
  • Second Generation (2004): “Web Access” database searchable online, text only
  • Third Generation (2010): “Visual” database in Mysql, searchable online - text and images
  • Fourth Generation (2014): Dedicated database searchable Online integrated with Google Maps and web 3.0 technology (Georeferenced, Responsive, Wiki, Advanced search)
  • Fifth Generation (2020): Online "GeoSocial" Archive (Georeferenced, Social, Multi-thematic, Territorial, Advanced Search)
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