Ecomuseologist: ecomuseum director / ecomuseum expert / ecomuseum educator

The training course allows the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competences associated with the following disciplines associated with the figure of Ecomuseologist

  • Ecomuseum Director
  • Expert in Ecomuseum Paths
  • Ecomuseum Educator 


  • Freelancers and Consultants in the tourism sector;
  • Managers and Managers of the Public Administration;
  • Entrepreneurs and business managers

Professional profile and reference legislation

Standard and reference scheme

  • European Qualification Framework (EQF)
  • Recommendation 2009 / C 155/02 (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training - ECVET)
  • Law 4/2013 relating to non-regulated professions

For the reference outline of the professional profile, please refer to the form defined by AIPTOC where the knowledge, skills and competences (autonomy and responsibility) are indicated in detail

Structuring of the training path, EQF level and ECVET credits assigned

800 hours of total effort (total workload necessary to obtain learning outcomes) that can be distributed on average over a semester and structured in:

    • 460 hours training in E-learning mode
    • 180 hours Project Work or Internship
    • 160 hours of commitment to devote to individual study, time for preparing for exams and writing the final thesis.

ECVET Training Credits (CFE): 32 (30 for the UD, 2 for the Project Work / Internship)
EQF level: 6

Certifications issued

  • Ecomuseologist

For the detailed program, costs and purchase methods, please refer to the website of the Training Center Centro Studi Helios

TAS35: Ecomuseologist: Director of ecomuseum / Expert in ecomuseum itineraries / Ecomuseum educator (800 hours)

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