Become a Partner of the Heritage Project

Il  "Heritage Project" it does not provide for profit but is solely for information and dissemination purposes. The project is open to anyone wishing to become a Partner or simply provide their own contribution through reports or information relating to the Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Sicily.

Partners are divided into two categories

  • Institutional Partners (Institutions, Universities, Museums, Local Authorities, Cultural and Category Associations, Promotion and Development Organizations, Service Associations)
  • Individual Partners (Individuals)

It is possible to become a partner:  

  • Providing their patronage (Institutional Partners)
  • By contributing with one's own contributions with one of the following forms: information on material and intangible cultural heritage, advice and scientific contributions in order to help correct, integrate or improve the contents of the individual sub-projects relating to the Heritage Project (*)

(*) Sporadic and non-continuous reports and information are always welcome and welcome, but the status of Partner is acquired following a continuous and not sporadic relationship

All Partners from spring 2022 will have a dedicated "Partner Archive" area with self-managed information sheets.

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In-depth sheets of individual projects

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