Vugghia of the water
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Vugghia of the water

Via Francesco Crispi, corner of via Giuseppe Mazzini. The "Vugghia di acqua", and the fountain of the Ninfa are two monuments that are an integral part of the Bigini aqueduct, a perennial reminder of this work, which was completed in 1615. To accumulate water to be sorted to fountains and drinking troughs of the city., an underground sorting tank was built, located to the right of the uphill via Crispi, at the intersection with via Mazzini. Above was erected a monumental fountain, with two taps, known as: "La Vugghia di acqua". Over time the basin and the fountain went into disuse and forgotten; the tank was filled with concrete during the renovation of the building adjacent to the monument; while “la Vugghia di acqua” was in very bad static conditions.

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