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68-74 Viale Teocrito

Vittorio Emanuele III visits Syracuse 1930

Light Newspaper A0585 dated 05/1930
Sequence description: In the port of Syracuse a ship with a flag at anchor; cannon salvos; large crowds to witness the arrival of the King; the procession of cars arrives; Vittorio Emanuele III has taken his place in the first car and responds with a military salute to the cheers of the crowd; the inauguration of the maritime station; the customs building; the post office and telegraph building; after the visit Vittorio Emanuele III and the authorities accompanying him; they go to the Greek theater; the auditorium full of crowds; applause at the arrival of the King; on the stage of the theater a group of actors play an ancient classical drama;

Vittorio Emanuele III visits Syracuse 1930


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