Villa Sapio-Rumbolo
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Villa Sapio-Rumbolo

Monserrato Hill. Built in 1902. 

Variously articulated, the property is characterized by the ashlar masonry and by the careful scanning of all its components which on the facades is determined by the intertwining of horizontal and vertical elements. Remarkably projecting cornices mark the succession of elevations up to the terrace roof, while fluted pilasters. 

Designed by Filippo Re Grillo, the property, which looks towards the sea, fits harmoniously into the landscape by exploiting its morphology with a terrace bordered by wrought iron railings and small pillars and supported by a terracotta brick portico opened by 6 large arches.

(Source text of survey form n.136 Landscape Plan of the Province of Agrigento - Isolated Heritage 1)

Property bound under the Law 1089/1939 

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FROM n. 5346 of 04.03.1994


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