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Villa Roccaforte

Villa Roccaforte, formerly called Villa Burgarella, was built around 1870, insists on an area of ​​regular shape within a large estate, located on a slope, owned by the Zammarano family, from which it dominates the entire valley below. .
The building structure of the villa develops around an internal courtyard on which the owners' house and the services body with annexed warehouses and stables overlooks.
The main body of the building consists of the nineteenth-century type house, symmetrical with respect to the axis of the facade. Beyond the side and rear wall of the villa there is a large area used as a garden which has been partly tampered with for utilitarian reasons.
In fact, in this garden the pleasurable instances and the utilitarian assumption are included in the same system, in addition to the romantic walks, the grove, the parterre, there are also the vegetable garden, the vineyard and the orchard. Although the garden is based on a regular layout, it is marked by that attention to the landscape and to the forms of nature which is a reflection of specific naturalistic interests of some Sicilian environments.
The garden system consists of two distinct parts: the garden in front of the main and side elevation of the villa divided into geometric parterres of flower beds, bordered by wood hedges, with flowers and isolated specimens of exotic shrub species and an area, extended between the rear and side elevation, currently in a state of wild growing, marked by a drainage channel and a basin that collects the waters of a small spring located further upstream.
The main scan of the entire garden is that carried out by the three avenues of holm oaks, ficus Benjamina and Phoenic palms which divide the area into rectangles used as an orchard and citrus grove.
An element of particular interest is the circular arrangement of the cypresses that come to configure a hut

(Source: Decree 18/10/1999 published in GURS N. 35/2001 "Declaration of notable public interest of some historic villas and gardens located in the municipal area of ​​Trapani and Erice ".

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