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Via Lincoln

Villa Giulia

Via Lincoln

Created on the initiative of the Praetor and Governor of the city Antonio La Grua between 1777 and 1778, it took its name from Giulia d'Avalos, wife of the then viceroy Marcantonio Colonna, not to be confused with Marcantonio Colonna who lived in the XNUMXth century.

The design of the villa was carried out by the architect Nicolò Palma who designed a public green area with a perfectly square perimeter, divided in turn into four squares divided by their diagonals; the central space, circular in shape, is embellished by four exedras designed by Giuseppe Damiani Almeyda in Pompeian style.

The monumental entrance overlooking the Foro Italico is neoclassical, the Doric columns testify well to the already romantic taste of the late eighteenth century, this entrance is not used for access to the garden and remains constantly closed. The other entrance, located on Lincoln Street, is less elaborate and is the one used regularly to access the garden.

At the center of the villa is located The clock of the Dodecahedron or a marble dodecahedron where for each face there is a sundial, designed by the mathematician Lorenzo Federici. The sculpture is located in the center of a circular fountain and is supported by the statue of a young man crouching. Around the fountain there is a ruler decorated with metal sculptures.

Inside the garden there are numerous marble sculptures, of which the most significant is that of Genius of Palermo by Ignazio Marabitti made in 1778. (Text source: wikipedia)

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