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Villa Alfieri

Residence of the Grimaldi until 1907, it assumes its current connotation, with liberty elements, thanks to the high prelate Mostaccio who restores it for his granddaughters, the three “Miss Mostaccio”. The theme of the three is found in the stone seats of the garden, in the stairs to access them and in the large windows overlooking the gulf. The structure unequivocally shows the passing of the centuries and the changes that have been made to it. From the small medieval church with a stone cross to the current definition. The fiefdom consists of two bodies, the first was the residence of the "lord" with the patrician house and the outbuildings, once the house of the furnace and charcoal cellar; the other, the household part, in which everything the lord could need was self-produced: from honey to rabbits, chickens, pigeons, donkeys, pigs, cows, etc .. Adjacent to the main body we still find today the stables, where horses and sheep were housed in special spaces. (Text and Photos:

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