Fried Vastedda
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Fried Vastedda


Product included in the national list of traditional agri-food products (PAT)

Type PAT : Fresh pasta and products from the bakery, biscuits, pastry and confectionery

Production area

Technical data sheet of the traditional agri-food product (PAT)


Area of ​​production: Municipality of Gratteri.

Brief description of the product: It has different shapes, golden yellow color.

Description of the processing and maturing methods: Bread dough leavened and cut into irregular shapes fried in boiling oil, sprinkled at will with salt or sugar.

Specific materials and equipment used for preparation and conditioning: Wheat flour, olive oil, sugar, salt.

Description of the processing, storage and maturing rooms: Wood stove (tannuri), eaten when it is still hot.

Elements proving that the methodologies have been practiced in a homogeneous way and according to traditional rules for a period of not less than 25 years: For over 25 years, a festival called “della Vastedda Fritta” has been organized in the Municipality of Gratteri and is appreciated by countless consumers.

Source Pat Cards: Sicily Region 

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