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Muzza tower

La Muzza tower , Also called Torrazza, is a coastal defense tower that was part of the Sicilian coastal tower system, and stands in the locality of Piraineto (fraction of Carini) in the province of Palermo, falling within the municipal territory of Carini.

It was built only after the surveys carried out in 1578 by the royal architect Tiburzio Spannocchi, and after 1583 by Camillo Camilliani, in fact the tower is not mentioned in both surveys. Only in 1677 does it appear in a Savoy military cartography as already existing.

Although not appearing in the lists of the 45 towers entrusted directly to the management of the Deputation of the Kingdom of Sicily, in 1809 this body wrote to the Prince of Carini to complain about its deterioration, and on that occasion it is identified as Torrazza .

The tower is mentioned in 1823 in the cartography of the General Staff of the Royal Bourbon Army. Finally in 1867 it is included in the list of military works to be resigned. At the beginning of the 70s, from a personal survey, the tower was in private land and was still guarded so much so that the opening created on the ground floor in the cistern was closed with a wooden door. Mazzarella and Zanca after visits made in 1976 reported that it was now almost completely ruined.

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