Mulinazzo Tower
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Mulinazzo Tower

It was built starting from 1552 century on the orders of the viceroy Juan de Vega, in 1578 the royal architect Tiburzio Spannocchi during his reconnaissance found it unfinished, with a truncated cone shape and arranged for it to be raised beyond the first floor. In 1583 the tower was almost completed, the truncated cone base was incorporated into the new truncated pyramid structure, thus falling within the classic typology of towers designed by Camillo Camilliani.

In 1584 the Deputation of the Kingdom decided not to build a masonry staircase for access to the first floor, and therefore the crowning on corbels that ran on all four sides of the tower was not completed. In the parapet, loopholes and openings for the artillery should have been opened in the center on all sides. Obviously on the land side there was the door which instead was built with a defensive machicolation above it.

The concrete project was carried out with only two protruding angular platforms in tuff ashlars, still existing even if without the relative platform which in the meantime collapsed.

The tower is mentioned in various historical and archival sources in 1594, 1596, 1619, 1714. In 1805 it was still active as can be deduced from a note reported in the registers of the Deputation of the Kingdom in which it is mentioned that the corporal on guard, suspected of murder, he was arrested by guards from the municipality of Torretta. Finally in 1867 it is included in the list of military works to be resigned.


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