Tower of Frederick II
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Tower of Frederick II


The tower is 27 meters high with an octagonal shape, each side measuring about 7 meters, with walls about 3,30 meters thick. Surrounded by a triple wall, of which only a few ruins remain. The tower was built by the Emperor Frederick II, it was a defense tower to control that side of the city of Enna which was exposed to possible enemy assaults. The tower stands on top of a wooded hill. From its top the view sweeps over the whole city. 

Inside are two rooms, one on the ground floor, with the vault supported by stone arches carved in the Gothic style with three ogival windows and in the center of the floor a circular opening that is presumed to lead to the basement, the other on the first floor , with high vaulted ceilings and characteristic elements of Norman architecture, with two pointed windows.

The two rooms are connected thanks to a spiral staircase (consisting of 97 steps), carved into the thickness of the perimeter walls of the tower, which ends on the uncovered terrace

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