Tower of the tuna trap of Bonagia
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Tower of the tuna trap of Bonagia


The tower is home to the Tono Museum and the Tonnara di Bonagia 

The trap:

The architectural complex is made up of different rooms which also include a watchtower and a chapel. Founded in 1266, it was rebuilt in 1624 after being destroyed by pirates. In 1638 it was bought by the Stella family who in 1749 built a small church inside which still houses a wooden crucifix venerated by the local community. In the 1876th century it then passed to the Dukes of Castel di Mirto and was later sold to the homonymous Opera Pia. A period of decline and abandonment followed until it was reactivated in 1923, returning to the management of the Fate Bene Fratelli hospital in Palermo and subsequently purchased by the company Fenicia SpA of Trapani in XNUMX and in the XNUMXs by the Trapani entrepreneur Castiglione. Around the eighties he ended his fishing activity; sold to a new owner, it was later restored and adapted into an accommodation facility. The architectural complex also houses a small museum, while warehouses, kitchens, deposits, lodgings and other rooms of the past have now been converted into rooms and services for the resort. Like other tuna traps, it takes up the setting of the beam with an internal courtyard, drawing inspiration from an agricultural-productive typology that is widespread in the Sicilian countryside.

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