Thermal baths of Santa Venera
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Thermal baths of Santa Venera 

The Acireale Baths were founded in 1873 in the city of Acireale. According to tradition, the ancient Greeks had already built some thermal baths perhaps called Xiphonie, which were later enlarged by the Romans (in this regard there are hints both in the de Aetna by Cornelio Saverio and in the Garden of Aesculapius by Filippo da Tassalonica). The exploitation continued with the Byzantines and until the Arab invasion. The buildings were probably abandoned after the earthquake of 1169. The remains of the complex can now be visited in the archaeological area of ​​Santa Venera al Pozzo. The entrance to the thermal baths of Santa Venera in 1921. In 1873 the new thermal baths were inaugurated by Baron Agostino Pennisi of Floristella on the southern outskirts, dedicated to Santa Venera. The complex was built in a neoclassical style with an English garden. In the same year, the annexed Grand Hotel des Bains was inaugurated. Thanks to the thermal baths Acireale became a spa of a certain notoriety and hosted some important personalities such as Richard Wagner and family (1882), Ernesto Renan, King Umberto I and Queen Margherita (1881), the hereditary Grand Duke of Baden and the illustrious doctor Antonio Cardarelli. In 1951 the thermal baths were acquired by the Sicilian Region.

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