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Temple of Jupiter

TEMPLE OF JUPITEREast of the parking of the information point and the ticket office of the archaeological park. A pile of ruins now remains of what it would have been, if its construction had been completed, one of the greatest temples built by the Greeks. Its construction, according to Diodorus Siculus, was begun after the battle of Imera, around 480 BC. Its base measures 113,45 meters x 56,30 meters. The columns were about 18 meters high and, about 11 meters high, there were giants, called Telamons or Atlantes, which gave the impression of bearing the entire weight of the architrave just as Atlas had been condemned by Zeus to bear the world for helping the Titans. Today few ruins of this temple remain. Some of the blocks of the temple were used, at the time of Charles III of Bourbon, to build the pier of the port of Porto Empedocle



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