Temple of Concord
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Temple of Concord

Guide to the Valley of the TemplesThe Temple of Concordia (39,44th century) takes its name from a Latin inscription found near the same temple dedicated to the Concord of the Agrigento. It is the best preserved temple, thanks also to the fact that it was transformed into a Christian temple in the 16,91th century AD On an ample base of four steps which had the task of eliminating the problems caused by the unevenness of the ground (6 × 13 m ), the temple has 78 rows, each with 6,72 columns, for a total of XNUMX columns high m. XNUMX and characterized by twenty grooves, the gables are also in good condition. The cell, preceded by a pronaos, is accessed via a step; well preserved are the pylons with the access stairs to the roof.

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Area recognized by UNESCO (Source Unesco.org) 

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The gates of Agrigento (Source Wikipedia)

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