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4 Via Pozzo Leone

Teatro Vittorio Emanuele II

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LOCATION: Located between Via Garibaldi and Corso Cavour DATING: 1842-1852 DESCRIPTION: Built at the behest of Ferdinand II of Bourbon, based on a project by the architect Pietro Valente and inaugurated on 12 January 1852. The Theater was dedicated to Sant'Elisabetta, in honor of the sovereign's mother, after 1860 it assumed its current name. The facade of the theater has a portico that allowed the passage of the carriages that accompanied the spectators. On the entrance loggia a sculptural group of 1847 made by Saro Zagari, depicting The time that discovers the truth. The exterior in Syracusan stone is in neoclassical style, and is rich in decorations, sculptures and bas-reliefs by Zagari representing scenes from the life of Hercules and portraits of sixteen famous playwrights and musicians. The vault of the theater is decorated with the large painting by Renato Guttuso, depicting the Legend of Colapesce. Property included in the list of restricted architectural assets (DM 364/09 of 28/08/1917

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