Massimo Opera House
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Massimo Opera House 

Verdi Square. XNUMXth century Based on a project by GB Filippo Basile. The Massimo Vittorio Emanuele Theater in Palermo is the largest theater in Italy, and one of the largest opera houses in Europe, the third in size after the Opéra National de Paris and the Staatsoper in Vienna) and is world famous for its perfect acoustics with its horseshoe-shaped hall. In neoclassical style, it stands on the remains of the church of the Stimmate and the monastery of San Giuliano which were demolished at the end of the nineteenth century to make room for the grandiose construction. The interior is decorated and painted by Rocco Lentini, Ettore De Maria Bergler, Michele Cortegiani, Luigi Di Giovanni. The horseshoe-shaped hall, with five tiers of boxes and gallery (gallery), seats just under one thousand and four hundred.

Under the theater there should be an air-raid shelter A detailed list of the air-raid shelters in the city of Palermo in 1942 and shelters in school buildings can be found in the volume by Pietro Todaro: Guida di Palermo underground (Pag 121-123).

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