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History of Sicily. by Tomaso Fazello 1574

Tommaso Fazello (Sciacca 1498, Palermo 1570) devoted himself from an early age to historical studies on the island, at the urging of his Roman friend Paolo Giovio.
And to crown his research, in 1558 he published his only work, De rebus siculis decades dua, of which the present Italian translation by Remigio Fiorentino, was published in 1574 in Venice at the Maida printing house in Palermo. Fazello equivocates on the sites of some ancient cities, and as required by the time, he associates himself with the biblical story that calculates the age of the world in four and a half millennia. But he goes to the places in person.
And it's the traveling aspect that makes the first decade a classic. It is no coincidence that most of the northern European travelers who arrive in Sicily in the Enlightenment refer to the Saccense monk. Fazello does not neglect the south-eastern area, actually inaugurating the modern interest in Camarina, where he goes twice, noting first a fair amount of remains, and then the predation of the same, used to fortify the city of Newfoundland. 

You can read the book at the following web address: http://www.lasiciliainrete.it/ARCHIVIO/LIBRI/STORIA_SICILIA_fazello.html


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