Upper Paleolithic and Neolithic cave station in Acquasanta - M. Amara - Cavalera
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Upper Paleolithic and Neolithic cave station in Acquasanta - M. Amara - Cavalera


Upper Paleolithic and Neolithic cave station; area of ​​discovery of late antique and medieval ceramics. (A2.5).


On the right wall of an Amara fossil valley, about 50 meters. from the coast, a cave opens up. Researches carried out inside it in the XNUMXs made it possible to identify the presence of a lithic industry from the upper Paleolithic of Gravetti and fragments of Neolithic tools and engraved ceramics. Along the walls of the valley other caves have been reported with entrances blocked by debris. On the limestone plateau south of the valley, Period: II / IV AD

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Area of ​​archaeological interest, art. 142 letter m) Legislative Decree 42/04

(Source text of survey form n.12 Landscape Plan of the Province of Syracuse - Archaeological Heritage)

Bibliography and further in-depth documents:

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Download file:  SINEO et al

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