Underwater archaeological site of Porto Palo
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Underwater archaeological site of Porto Palo

In 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2001 the Superintendence BB.CC.AA. Di Agrigento carried out a systematic coordination activity for the recovery of part of the cargo of the Punic-Roman wreck that sank about 100 meters from the coast of Porto Palo di Menfi at a depth of 4/5 meters.
On the seabed it was also ascertained the presence of the ship's planking still preserved together with the cargo, consisting mainly of transport amphorae 

Roman Hellenistic / Republican Age - III-I century. B.C 

Area of ​​Archaeological Interest art. 142 lett. m) Legislative Decree 42/04  

(Source text of survey form n.107 Landscape Plan of the Province of Agrigento - Archaeological Heritage)

Archaeological Heritage Sheets Landscape Plan of Agrigento

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