Archaeological site in the locality of Scardina
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Archaeological site in the locality of Scardina


Prehistoric cave station; , funerary hypogea and rock settlement; area where materials from the late ancient and Byzantine periods were found

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In the district there are numerous caves of natural origin that open along the cliff, reused by man without interruption until the last war. The fragments of obsidian and flint found in front of one of the caves document a presence in the prehistoric age. The channels, the basins for collecting water, the steps carved into the rock outside the caves, and the hearths, the niches, the holes for poles and beams inside, have been attributed to the Late Antiquity and Byzantine age. . In the middle of the ridge, a funerary hypogeum consists of a single large room with various niches: on the back wall of the left arcosolium, there is an engraved monogram of Christ. Another cave located a few meters further south is a polysomal arcosolium, whose dividing walls were demolished during the Second World War. The reconnaissance on the ground carried out in the narrow
flat strip at the base of Monte Tauro at the end of the nineteenth century and, on several occasions a few years ago, they ascertained the presence of ceramic fragments dating between the fourth and eighth centuries, of millstones in lava stone and square blocks inserted in the walls of the old farms in the area and in the dry stone walls of the border between the properties. Both the caves in the cliff and the remains attested in the plain have been connected to settlement units of the late ancient and Byzantine period. 

Bibliographic sources

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Area of ​​archaeological interest, art. 142 letter m) Legislative Decree 42/04

(Source text of survey form n.7 Landscape Plan of the Province of Syracuse - Archaeological Heritage)

Archaeological Heritage Sheets Landscape Plan of Syracuse

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