Archaeological site in the locality of Intagliata - Samperi
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Archaeological site in the locality of Intagliata - Samperi 

Greek Latomia; archaic and Hellenistic tombs; hypogeum of late ancient age. (A2.2).

Technical Information 

On a rocky crag that overlooks the middle course of the Cantera stream, a Greek latomia with votive grooves carved out of the detachment wall of the limestone blocks and a late ancient hypogeum were identified. A stone sarcophagus containing two skeletons by
archaic age, and a pit tomb from the Hellenistic period. On the plateau to the north-west of the Intagliata, the presence of a rural settlement of the Greco-Roman age is indicated by black and achromatic painted ceramics that are found on the surface 

Bibliographic sources

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Area of ​​archaeological interest, art. 142 letter m) Legislative Decree 42/04 

(Source text of survey form n.35 Landscape Plan of the Province of Syracuse - Archaeological Heritage)

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