Archaeological site in Contrada Marcellino - Cugno
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Archaeological site in Contrada Marcellino - Cugno

Villa of the Hellenistic-Roman age and pre-existing Greek age. (A2.4)


On the southern slope of the promontory, near the mouth of the Marcellino not far from Punta Cugno, the remains of a Hellenistic-Roman villa with a thermal environment, a terracing wall and other pre-existing structures of the Greek age were found. drums of columns

Bibliographic sources

Vallet G. - Voza G., From the Neolithic to the industrial era in the territory from Augusta to Syracuse, 1984, pp. 40-41; Mentesana M., The bay of Augusta over the centuries, Augusta Historical News, 13, 1985, p. 40; Lanteri R., Augusta and its territory, elements for an archaeological map, 1997, p.89; Guidelines 1999, Carta Siti Archeol., Nos. 223-224.

(Source text of survey form n.31 Landscape Plan of the Province of Syracuse - Archaeological Heritage)


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