Archaeological site Grotta Acqua Fitusa
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Archaeological site Grotta Acqua Fitusa

The Grotta Acqua Fitusa is located in the middle of a sheer wall that faces east into the C / da San Crispin and north into the more famous C / da Pozzillo. The entrance is 100 meters away. about from the road and 10 mt. from the ground. The cave consists of a small cave a few meters deep with an opening in the
terminal part that leads into the cave itself. There is a first chamber of very vast proportions irregularly formed by limestone boulders; this environment is followed by two others divided between them by tunnels, so low that it is necessary to walk on all fours. Inside there are
different height differences. In the last room there is a pool of sulphurous water.

Upper Paleolithic - 13.000 years ago 

Site subject to archaeological restrictions pursuant to law 1089/1939. Presidential Decree 12/1975; DD 942/2003; FROM 6080/1999 

(Source text of survey form n.179 Landscape Plan of the Province of Agrigento - Archaeological Heritage)


Archaeological Heritage Sheets Landscape Plan of Agrigento

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Ignazio Caloggero:

History of Sicily - 1.2. Paleolithic and Mesolithic:

History of Sicily - 1.2.1: Religious sentiments and burials in the Paleolithic and Mesolithic

History of Sicily - 1.2.2: Art in the Paleolithic and Mesolithic

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