Archaeological site of Serra Soldano
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Archaeological site of Serra Soldano

The site extends into a fertile flat area in which there are conspicuous remains of a Roman bath complex and a contemporary necropolis. Various environments relating to the thermal baths were brought to light, among which the calidarium was identified.

Roman Imperial / Late Antiquity - III-VI century. A.D

Other bibliography: Wilson RJA 1990, p. 224-225. The scholar identifies the site with one of the locations indicated in the Itinerarim Antonini or with Corconiana or Cosconiana.

Property subjected to archaeological constraints pursuant to law 1089/1939 - DA 3488 of 27/12/1990 

(Source text of survey form n.283 Landscape Plan of the Province of Agrigento - Archaeological Heritage)

Archaeological Heritage Sheets Landscape Plan of Agrigento

Card insertion: Ignazio Caloggero

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