Colle Orbo archaeological site (I Santoni)
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Colle Orbo archaeological site (I Santoni)

Feral and underground temples. Necropolis. Rock sculptures

Votive recesses dedicated to the cult of heroes carved into the walls of a latomia; small tympanate sacelli; remains of a road with carriageway and peripheral tombs of the necropolis of Colle Orbo. Of this, there are numerous tombs, for the most part already violated, all excavated in the rocky bank. There are few archaeological remains still intact, in fact the area is compromised by the building development. In the locality known as the Santoni, on the slopes of the hill, you can glimpse the traces of the ancient road that leads to the worship area dedicated to the goddess Cybele where a series of rock sculptures are found in the rocky wall: the seated goddess from the front, the goddess represented in the center of a large niche, standing with one foot on a small lion, and two others on its sides. Hermes and Attis, the Dioscuri and other figures related to the cult of the goddess are represented in smaller proportions

Site subject to archaeological restrictions. DD.MM.//1953/02/04; FROM // 1987/12/03 // n.3152

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(Source text of survey form n.188 Landscape Plan of the Province of Syracuse - Archaeological Heritage)

Archaeological Heritage Sheets Landscape Plan of Syracuse

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